16 days till Downton Abbey series 3


Day 4 - Best OMG moment in series 2?



Anna and Bates first kiss;


Anna and Bates pub (let me be your mistress aka please I want your body right here right now);

Robert and Jane;

Anna and Bates wedding night;

Bates being arrested;

and finally

Bates prison\trial scenes;

conclusion: Anna and Bates everything and Robert and Jane.

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Hot Cross Buns and A Mind Undone

Dear E,

We have become so bad at this, despite all our talk, so I have decided to reboot us! I hope that this weekend finds you healthy, wholesome, and creeping on Mr. SexyVoice. As for me, I am (as ever) attempting to coax myself into essay writing. Who knew Classical Asian Theatre could be so problematic? Bet Zeami did it on purpose…

Also, did you get McCheery’s text? Possibility of a gathering at hers next weekend! A much needed gathering - we haven’t all been together since my birthday I think!

Hope to hear from you later, if K has not claimed your soul.

Love, T xxx

This was what I was like on Sunday night.

This was what I was like on Sunday night.

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Reply: The Discovery of Confusion.

Dear T,

Glad you liked them, but I knew you would! (EYE knew you would…!)

It doesn’t surprise me in the least that it was Facebook that brought you such bad news-you know how I feel about it. But WHO is it that inadvertently  disappointed you today? And WHAT did they do? If I were a gambler, I would put money on L (L-for LITTLE) being the responsible one. Please don’t be at a loss!

Tea will be a definite as soon as I can hear again. Still not feeling good at all-I may have to actually go to the doctor tomorrow. I have managed to get some work done today, though, I’m not feeling that bad.

Love E.

PS: Was thinking about what you said earlier; maybe I should just take the plunge and ASK Mr.SexyVoice out. ?? Or at the very least come on to him… (But we both know I will never actually be able to do this. I have “the barrier”,  all the time.)

The Discovery of Confusion

Dear E,

Today is a day of much confusion and new discovery for me. For one, I discovered all the little treats you left for me on this page (most especially the Definition of Babe!) Thank you for all of these! I promise to start posting more in future.

I also discovered that people never do what you expect them to, and that this is not always a good thing. Facebook just informed me of that (Facebook of all things!).

Really wish we could meet up for that tea, I can’t concentrate right now. Hope that you are feeling better.

Love T. xxx

Ahead of our tea-intervention tomorrow…

Dear T,

I cannot wait for us to meet tomorrow. I’m making my list as we speak, and we are going to ANNIHILATE everything. We will OBLITERATE our doubts and BANISH our fears.

Love E.

PS: Let’s re-imagine my name- now it means that everything on the list will be simple, or as close to simple as we can get, to achieve. :)


(by Richard Bram)


(by Richard Bram)

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